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This livejournal page is currently a big mess ~ Sorry about that ~~ ; ; I will try to edit it as soon as possible ~~

Created another lj account though =) I will post all my dreams on there the ones I still have and the ones that came true ~~ that page is also still under construction though ... liveyourdreamz ~

So busy lately! ><


Lord of the ... Loki?

Another weird dream this time a crossover one ~ There was Legolas, Loki, Dean and Bilbo ... that's right ~ God of the Supernatural Hobbit ... x-x I don't even know what I'm saying! X'D There was no Supernatural Hobbit in my dream ... Just a talking toad ...

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DMZ and more Seoul

I know I promised to update my blog everyday, but... my laptop decided to act like a complete barrel ... it keeps freezing on me, so that's why I didn't update it that much.

So what you all missed ~~ I survived my Jetlag, it was only the first day... though I couldn't really sleep today but I think it got something to do with the fact that we will leave Seoul today. I really love it here, so it's kinda hard to leave already >< even though we know that we will come back later.

The second day we went to the DMZ, it was really amazing and weird but also a bit scary. We drove off without our tour guide or tour group because no one from our tour group wanted to go there. It's really sad that it's not included in our tour though, I think it's something that is a part of Korea and that everyone should know the real history and state the countries are in.

We went with a tour company with mostly Japanese people and a few English people but also Dutch! people joined the tour. It was so weird to driive to the border and to see the fenses they used to keep the North Korean spies away, and there were so many soldiers everywhere...

Our first stop was a small temple and a train that has been shot multiple times... so many bullet holes they kinda scared me! There was also the train bride towards North Korea which is now unused.

The tour was quite hectic it was into the bus 30 minutes into the bus 20 minutes XD and even into the bus 10 minutes!! Haha, but it was ok for us, we could keep up with it, but some people seemed to complain about the short time we had to see places.

The next stop we made was the 3rd tunnel. I was kinda scared to go there because I dislike small spaces, but I regret nothng for gong inside that tunnel, it went right into North Korea, and was build by the North Korean's to attack Seoul. It's scary to think that they managed to build tunnels like that and that they all reached Seoul ... 4 of them! North Korea is so sneaky!

Inside the tunnel I was happy with my helmet because I bumped my head to the walls a lot! Making the Japanese people laugh at us XD because they were small enough to walk without the need to bend their backs or heads.

Our tour group was really tall so they had quite a good laugh!

Then the stop after that was the place where we could see Kaesong, I recognized the city because of the few tall buildings in the middle of it. It's really weird that they live so close but yet so far away from each other. We were allowed to take pics but only from a distance so Laura was asked by a Japanese people to make pics for them because she could look over the heads of the people at the balcony XD So cute hahaha

Then the stop after that was the last station in South Korea before driving into North Korea, it's a pretty big station build with future plans. They want to reunite North and South someday and then connect the train to Pyongyang and China to create a way to travel out of the country by train. I really liked that way of thinking!!

We ended our DMZ tour with Bulgogi, which tasted better then the ones we had the day before XD (Yes we eat Bulgogi everyday)

That evening we met with our tour group to eat somewhere in Seoul (yes more Bulgogi) and the people were very interested in our stories about the border. After that we decided that it was too early to sleep so we walked around Seoul a bit got lost and then found our hotel back after a nice 30/40 minute walk with 3 other tour group members ~~ It was a nice evening walk ~~ before calling it a day.

Then the 3rd day
It was a bus tour day, we went to Gyongbokgung Palace which was REALLY beautiful ~~ after that we went to Namsam Tower to watch the pretty skyline of Seoul ~~ I also found some nice ZE:A photocards there kekeke
We also visited a prison which was closed but ... yeah XD It was still kinda ... spooky to go there many Japanese and Koreans were brutally murdered there... and after that we visited the Fish Market which still makes me smell like a fishy x-x EW

Then when we were back at our hotel it was just 6pm so it was too early to call it a day ~~ but we had our evening free so we decided to travel by metro for the first time (which went pretty well actually) and go to SUKIRA ~~ where we saw Ryeowook and Sungmin only a few meters away from us. It wasn't so crowded so it was easy to take pics. Too bad Ryeowook is a troll and didn't let me take any pics x-x He kept hiding behind his PC screen

This was my blog for today, yes the last bit is fast because we have to go ~~ XD

I uploaded some pics at Facebook but it is really hard to take pics in this weather ... it's really sunny and bright and all the white stones are reflecting the sun so much x-x

Anyways ~~ time to leave!!


We arrived


Yay we arrived safely ~~ I have a huge jatlag though, so please forgive me my fails.

Today, or better said yesterday we left my place around 06:30 AM to board the plane from 11:55 AM @ Schiphol airport! It was early, and I can feel that now x-x ... We left from Schiphol to Helsinki and there we took the plane to Seoul which was a boring, long and painful flight. We couldn't sleep, or find a comfortable position to sit. It was all so small,,,

Then after an 8 hours and 15 minutes flight from Helsinki it was finally there ~~ Seoul! The moment we landed I knew that Seoul would be pretty, and it really is!

It took a while before we finally got our luggage and then it was time to get some Korean money ~~ =D

Today has been a real 'I need to drag them through their jatleg' day. We left the airport around 10 and reached our hotel around 11 ~ then we dumped our stuff there and walked around the area a bit!

Our hotel is really into the middle of all the sightseeings! Everything is walkable (is that even a word?) X'D

Our room is also pretty nice, it's not as big as the hotel website told us it would be! But we have our own kitchen and washing machine! =D So we can't really complain.

We went to see many things today, and our tour guide even discussed some KDrama with me. Haha. But he doesn't have the same taste in Drama's like I have so XD the discussion didn't last that long. He also liked how Laura already knew the basic Korean lines and how I seemed to know all the actors and actress that are on billboards around the city.

We walked around the neighbourhood a bit, explored an huge bookshop in which I've found an amazing magazine about my favorite TV Drama (Time Between Dog and Wolf) Didn't buy it (yet) though. And our tour guide suddenly walked towards us with a big book which was about the Hallyu wave.

The group is also great, there is a good atmosphere ~ =) We had dinner tonight with all of us together, it was really tasty and spicy! But I really liked it XD It was really strange at first but when you get used to it it tastes good!

We haven't seen that much today, just a little tour around the neighborhood, but we are so exhausted right now that we want to go to bed early!

Tomorrow will be the DMZ! And a traditional theater! =D Exciting!!

I will upload pictures later ... too exhausted to focus right now!


★ Test?

So if I did it right this will now pop up at my facebook and twitter so that people don't have to open my LJ all the time to check if I have updated my blog... XD

★ Tour Group

So, yesterday we went to 's Hertogenbosch to meet our tour group, and to get to know the do's and dont's from Korea! ><

We were all in time, so we could start the meeting early! Our tour guide was pleased to see us all in time, and said that this was a good start and hoped that we could keep this up in Korea!

I was a bit nervous to meet our group at first, I was a bit scared that we would end up in a group with a bunch of 60 year olds! But I guess we are lucky!

Our group has 2 families that will visit Korea with their adopted South-Korean daughters, which are both around our age! (25 and 27)
Then there is a younger couple (around the 30 years old), and they seemed pretty nice, we talked a lot with them, and they told us to visit Japan next! ^^
There were also two older man (one around the 60 and one around the … I think 40 years old?).
I’m still really curious about the guy in our group, there also has to be a guy around our age but he couldn’t make it to the meeting. ><

We all introduced, but I already forgot all of their names. (Yes, I’m horrible)

We asked some questions, got some answers and someone asked for the do’s and don’t’s …
- Never sit down in the subway when an older man or woman walks in, it’s your job as a younger person to stand up for your elders.
- When you see a restaurant where they sit on the floor, don’t walk in without taking your shoes off, the owner would end up in panic.
- Only cross streets in Seoul when you see a traffic light.
- Don’t eat anything that’s already inside your hotel room, unless you want to end up poor.
- When you go to the DMZ don’t wear anything with bright colors, keep it neutral.

Then they asked us if we already knew which of the side excursions/ events we wanted to attend. Laura and I really wanted to go to the DMZ so we already signed up for that one, too bad we can’t go to the actual barracks though… (apparently North and South are trolling once again?).

And then there were some shows we could go to, one of them is in Seoul at the start of our tour. It’s a traditional show, which seems to be beautiful, so we signed up for that one as well! ^^

There will also be a hiking tour with the duration of three hours over the Geumjeongsan wall in Busan, the view must be beautiful ~~ I’m really looking forward to it!

★ Clothes Hunt ~

So I went shopping today ~~ >< (which isn't one of my hobbies) but I tried on many jeans and shirts ~

I'm forever confused about my size though ... @.@ So confusing, so confusing!! But I bought 3 Skinny Jeans and 2 Shirts ~~ ^^ And I expect more shirts to arrive today!

Korea! I'm ready to go now!